Stress, anxiety and depression, and conditions like multi-chronic illnesses that result from them are tough to manage.

We're here to help.


Why the ViCare Program Works


ViCare Guides engage members at the first encounter and keep them engaged 90+% of the time.


No pre-authorization, no co-pay or deductible, and < 1 week wait times.


ViScore tracks and measures progress.


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"Please thank the smart people at ViMedicus who helped me save hundreds of dollars on my prescriptions each month"

— ViCare Participant

"This patient was on the way to a massive heart attack had the ViCare team not found that the patient's incorrect insulin medication was causing worsening of symptoms" 

— Dr. Mitchell Weisberg,

Chief Clinical Officer

Full team of medical professionals ranging from licensed clinical social workers to psychopharmacologists

Decades of experience managing healthcare systems

No more 'managing' conditions; our team seeks to 'solve' when it comes to your health

You are in the driver's seat throughout the entire program

You set your goals, your pace, your program - after all, you know yourself better than anyone

100% of clients report an increase of their 'Vi-Score' - their quality of life within weeks of beginning
the program

Work with a personal ViCare Guide who is available 24/7

Each ViCare Guide is specially trained in motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy

Feel as if you have tried everything? Let us show just how different ViCare is and why we have such high success rates