Stress, Anxiety and Depression and conditions like multi-chronic illnesses that result from them are tough to manage

We're here to help.

About Us

For those with serious stress and/or multiple chronic conditions, the number of specialists to see, medications to take, and symptoms that crop up can feel overwhelming. 
ViCare, a program by ViMedicus, has been designed to give those with serious stress and/or multiple chronic conditions the education and the tools necessary to manage their conditions and advocate for themselves within the healthcare system. 
Through face-to-face sessions with a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, who we call the ViCare Guide, each participant is empowered to set personal goals to achieve long-lasting lifestyle change to their health. The LCSWs use the techniques Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to work with enrollees in the program. These techniques were originally invented for substance addiction therapy, and are very effective in order to tap into a person's self motivators to create change in one's life and sustain it. 
The face-to-face meetings with the ViCare Guide are supplemented by a software platform, where enrollees have access to their Guide 24/7 via telehealth videoconferencing, access to customized educational materials, and can complete surveys to track their progress in the program. The platform also is used to create customized follow-up "touches" to the enrollee to keep them engaged in the program between their face-to-face visits.