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Our ViCare™ Program improves the health of individuals with multiple chronic conditions. Clients will find sustainable results because of our focus on behavioral change that creates healthy lifestyles. Our program includes the ViCare™ Guide, a specially trained coach, who works one-on-one with the enrollee to keep them motivated throughout the program. The Guide is coupled with a software system delivered as a portal for communication and individually paced educational modules lasting 6-10 weeks.

vicare medical team


Our team of advisory medical professionals includes an MD and psychopharmacologist, dentist and pharmacist to name of few. This multi-faceted approach allows the ViCare team to review all of the client's diagnosis, medications, and symptoms to be sure everything possible is being done to allow the client optimal health and success.

With the more conditions one has, the more specialists and care providers they may have. ViCare helps you to manage all these appointments, bills, and systems. Above all, ViCare works with the client to attain long-term health and rid themselves of some of these needs. The medical team is a large piece of

this as they ensure nothing gets overlooked and the client has the best chance at

health success. 

you are in charge


Unlike other doctors or programs that seek to 'manage' a person's health and wellness, ViCare aims to rid a person of the health conditions limiting them from living the life they wish. Often times patients are told what they must do for their health, its time to flip the script. At ViCare we firmly believe that you must be the leader of your story. You set the goals, you set the speed, you set the process. While ViCare boasts a unique team, without you as the team leader there can be no success. For this reason at ViCare we do everything we can to empower and enable each client to make long-lasting and high-impact change that will achieve true vitality. 

sustainable change


Sometimes we feel like we have tried it all before. Gone to every specialist, tried every diet, taken every medication - so what is going to be different this time? We are. 

ViCare utilizes a mixed-method approach with Motivational Interviewing at the helm. Each ViCare Guide has been trained by a licensed clinical social worker with a doctorate in human behavior as well as various backgrounds and experiences that ensure the program will in fact elicit behavior change. Aside from helping you manage having the right doctors and right medications, we will help you to have the right behavior to rid yourself of the symptoms limiting the acquisition of  your lifestyle goals.